Who We Are

Who We Are

man1WastErasers – Universal Waste Handling Services

WastErasers provides for the safe and environmentally sound disposition of obsolete electronic equipment. WastErasers assists both OEMs and end-users in the reduction of their electronic equipment waste streams. WastErasers merges recycling expertise with logistics capabilities. This combination provides a solution to the growing problem of rapidly accumulating unwanted electronic equipment.

WastErasers recycles materials that are no longer useful to their owners and are candidates for disposal.  The vast majority of these products are building up in widely dispersed storage locations. WastErasers has management systems and procedures in place to assure environmentally responsible disposition of obsolete electronic equipment.  Both end-users and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can take advantage of this cost effective and comprehensive service.  WastErasers transfers and recycles all types of obsolete electronic equipment, regardless of manufacturer.

The electronics marketplace continues to see shortening product life cycles as a result of the rapid introduction of new products with increased performance at lower costs.  Outdated electronic equipment reaches the end of its useful life and is displaced as new technologies are introduced.  WastErasers relieves the burdens of End-of Life product management.  These burdens include: storage fees, asset tracking and controls, management/overhead costs, and liability related to improper disposal.  In particular, the toxic materials in electronic equipment must be properly handled.

Electronic equipment often contains a wide variety of highly toxic materials including lead from solder and CRTs, mercury from switches, and cadmium from batteries.  End-users and EOMs must consider the environmental consequences of their obsolete equipment disposition decisions.  An appropriately designed product return and recycling solution completes the product life cycle in an environmentally sound way.

Recycling is not just a matter of recovering recyclable material

It’s a total economic system.  A successful recycling system includes the following four steps:

  • Identifying recyclable materials
  • Collecting and delivering materials
  • Converting recovered materials into usable form
  • Re-integrating recycled materials into the economy

WastErasers provides solutions in each of the steps in the recycling system

 In addition WastErasers is scaleable to meet a wide variety of needs.  From expertise gained in the development of recycling technologies, WastErasers offers a sophisticated set of recycling services.  WastErasers equipment recyclers must pass stringent Environmental, Health and Safety standards and must undergo periodic audits of their processes.  WastErasers recycler performance evaluation includes the following areas:

  • Environmental, Health and Safety program review,
  • Business and insurance review,
  • Environmental regulatory compliance
  • State and Federal environmental permits
  • Emergency preparedness
  • OSHSA compliance and general industrial hygiene

WastErasers is a services company targeting the growing challenge of proper, cost effective handling of e-waste.  As a Universal Waste Handler, we deliver corporate e-waste solutions designed to maximize environmental sustainability, asset tracking and recovery value. Our broad set of core functions leverages years of experience and expertise to combine the best-in-class disciplines of logistics, processing and disposal.  Our customers are able to turn to one source for a complete solution.